AEDP Cascadia - Co-sponsored by AEDP West
MAY 1st, 2015  •  VANCOUVER B.C.

Mobilizing Transformation:
Tailoring Treatment to the Presenting Attachment Style

with Karen Pando-Mars, MFT

Karen Pando-Mars MFT Karen Pando-Mars, MFT brings her rich background in experiential, relational and somatic psychotherapies to AEDP.

She has been helm faculty of AEDP Essential Skills in SF Bay area and Vancouver, B.C. She supervises AEDP Core trainings and AEDP for Couples Core training.

Karen is one of the founders of AEDP West. She receives consistent appreciation for her clarity, humor, and her warm and engaging presentation style.

Karen is in private practice in San Rafael, CA and teaches throughout the United States.

Through lecture and videos of clinical work, Karen Pando-Mars will illustrate ways to intervene given the distinct configurations of secure and insecure attachment styles.

Karen will demonstrate how to tailor therapeutic interventions to best attune to and motivate patients.

When dismissive defenses generate distance, Karen will address ways to build connection. When patients become preoccupied, Karen will show how to help them focus internally and regulate their own experience.

With AEDP, establishing a secure base provides an essential foundation. When treatment is informed by the attachment style presented in each moment, we can strengthen this base and mobilize transformation.

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