AEDP West Sunday Seminar
with AEDP Founder, Diana Fosha
October 30, 2010
San Anselmo. CA

THE GAZE: Right Brain to Right Brain Repair of Attachment Trauma through Deep Eye Contact in AEDP

We are wired for growth, for healing, and for self-righting, and for resuming impeded growth. Until recently, the mental health field, focused on pathology, lacked concepts to capture the motivational strivings for health. Diana Fosha's work seeks to rectify that: she will introduce the construct of transformance, and present her emergent work on transformational theory as a framework for the resilience-affirming clinical practice of AEDP (Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy).

Drawing on affective neuroscience, attachment theory, mother-infant developmental research, and research documenting the undreamed-of plasticity in the adult brain, AEDP has developed a healing oriented practice. This workshop, through the extensive use of clinical videotapes will show how experientially exploring the experience of attachment in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship builds attachment security. The focus will be on right-brain to right brain communication, especially through the medium of the gaze in deep eye contact. We will see how the transformational process that is awakened and facilitated attachment trauma can be repaired, and the emergence of a vital and vibrant self can be fostered.

DIANA FOSHA, Ph.D., is the developer of AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and the Director of the AEDP Institute. She is the author of The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change (Basic Books, 2000), and of numerous papers and chapters on healing transformational processes in experiential psychotherapy and trauma treatment, and editor -- with Dan Siegel and Marion Solomon -- of The Healing Power of Emotion: Affective Neuroscience, Development, Clinical Practice (Norton, 2009).

She has done workshops, telecourses, and trainings nationally and internationally. A DVD of her AEDP work with a patient has been released by APA, as part of their Systems of Psychotherapy Video Series (APA, 2006). She teaches and is in private practice in New York City. Many of her papers are available through the AEDP website at