AEDP Institute Presents

AEDP Essential Skills Course
San Francisco Bay Area 2015-2016

Dale Trimble, AEDP faculty member, interviews Victoria Lemie Beckner, Ph.D. about what she learned attending the AEDP Essential Skills course lead by Karen Pando-Mars in San Francisco (2013-14)

AEDP Essential Skills, aimed at practitioners, is practical. Our aim is to teach, in both left-brained and right-brained ways, skill sets, concrete and specific. Different skill sets will be introduced, explained, illustrated and practiced each weekend, so that participants will emerge with both an understanding and a felt sense of how to practice AEDP. The basic skill sets necessary to practice AEDP will be introduced each weekend, with theoretical foundations and with videotapes and group experiential exercises in the afternoon.

Participants will learn the AEDP clinical roadmap, decision tree, protocol, and the right-brain language of experiential treatment. The training will include didactic material, clinical videotapes of actual sessions, experiential exercises, and small and large group processing.

AEDP Institute Senior Faculty Karen Pando-Mars, MFT. will helm the course. As course leader she will teach Module 1 and co-teach the remaining four modules with other AEDP Institute Faculty members. Experienced AEDP practitioners will assist with the experiential practices.

Module 1: Friday October 30 to Sunday November 1, 2015
San Francisco Theological Seminary
105 Seminary Road, Lloyd Hall,
San Anselmo, CA 94960



AEDP WEST was founded in the fall of 2007 by a group of psychotherapists who were inspired to develop a West Coast AEDP Community. AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) is a transformation-based model of psychotherapy developed by Diana Fosha, PhD.

OUR PURPOSE AND VISION is to provide enriching learning opportunities in the context of deepening affiliations with our colleagues. We want to share our enthusiasm for AEDP, helping it to be more widely known for the healing oriented, powerful, and effective model that it is. With dialogue and support from Diana Fosha and Ben Lipton, Senior Faculty of the AEDP Institute in New York, AEDP West was formed to provide the following:

  • A forum for developing and strengthening our AEDP Community
  • A base of support to host AEDP faculty from around the country
  • Ongoing training and development for AEDP practitioners
  • A way to introduce AEDP to other psychotherapists
  • Continuing Education Units for MFT’s, LCSW’s and Psychologists
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